Delicious & Drinkable

Frappes - Any combination of Wally’s Wicked Good ice cream, fresh milk and our all natural syrups!   Or, try one of our signature blended concoctions:

  • Caramel Cookie Chaos – Rich and so delicious-caramel and oreo cookie-an amazing combination
  • Creamsicle - Our drinkable version of the classic orange and vanilla ice cream bar
  • Lemon Dreamsicle – Refreshing, creamy, lemony–a perfect balance of sweet and tart!
  • Banana Split Frappe – Creamy, thick frappe blended with sliced bananas, topped with hot fudge, whipped cream & cherry
  • Mint Mischief – Sublimely subtle combination of mint and cream–speckled with chocolate chips.
  • Pumpkin Gingerbread – Fall in a frappe cup–pumpkins and cream with the perfect proportion of gingerbread spice

Ice Cream Sodas & Floats - Expertly mixed using one of our all natural syrups and an overly generous scoop of ice cream. Try one of our special recipes:

  • Shirley Temple Float
  • Salty Dog Float
  • Creamsicle Float
  • Mocha Soda
  • Black & White Soda

Malted Frappes  – An old-time treat–prepared on request!

Lime Rickey/Raspberry Lime Rickey – Our customers tell us these are the freshest and best lime rickeys they’ve ever had.  We make each to order with freshly squeezed limes, all natural syrup, and frosty cold sparkling water.  A  thirst quenching “sipper to savor”!